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About Us 


We are in the midst of a paradigm shift of longevity, climate change, population change, the fourth industrial revolution, and the plague.
As we head towards the future, our values will become more diverse as it encounters more change.
Working is no longer a means to make money just to live.
It will become more creative and innovative for the future of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity).


We will meet new friends
We will have new experiences
We will have new values
We will have new interesting working styles that build new connections.


Previously, people had to choose where they lived according to their work,
and activities outside of work could only be done during office hours. But with the help of technology today,
people can work anywhere, at any time.


To achieve this, we will create a brand new working environment and deliver it to the people who need it.
We will produce new options that are unimaginable for people and other businesses.
People will benefit from work technologies and new opportunities will arise that will allow people to enjoy their work and life.
Starting from “work” itself, people will gain a new motivation for change in their life.
We aim to provide this value to society. Our lives will be enriched by having more choices and creativity that comes from working in Japan.

This is the future that Grooves has uncovered.


Redesign our Career

It’s time for humans to create the future by using cutting edge technology
to create as many opportunities as possible

Career Discovery


3 core values that shapes Grooves


Results First

We strive to create results for our customers.
We continuously want to improve results by a PDCA cycle, creation, execution, and verification of quantitative approaches and analyses.


Team Grooves

The team at Grooves has a clear purpose.
To create more value for customers, we will get to know our team members,
our strengths and weaknesses, and actively encourage one other.
Communication is key.
By coming together - we can create endless possibilities.


Dare to Innovate

Innovation creates value for customers.
Reinforcing your own ideas, involving others, and continuing to take on challenges.
Innovation is born by working, learning and practicing - without being lazy.

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