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Full Stack Developer

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The Role – Full-Stack Developer

The Full-Stack Developer will help design, develop, test and deploy all off-chain application modules in the KLDX IEO Platform application stack. The Full-Stack Developer is an experienced application developer (with 5 years or more in related experience) who has the capability and skills to design, develop, test and deploy both back-end application modules as well as front-end application modules.

The Full-Stack Developer will also support the CTO in the area of IEO Platform application architecture and design. The Full-Stack Developer should also be conversant with data storage optimization and security best practices – the then requires him/her to have a good knowledge and experience with database design and data security as well, in order to ensure that the operational and transactional database schema is designed optimally and is secure when processing production transactional application loads.

The Full-Stack Developer will report directly to the CTO.

Key Responsibilities

  • Help drive the design, development, testing and deployment of all current platform application modules (back-end application modules, front-end application modules and integrations)

  • Help drive the design, development, testing and deployment of new application modules supporting new features and functionalities for the IEO Platform application stack (back-end application modules, front-end application modules and integrations)

  • Ensure that the developed off-chain code-base meets internal security standards and practices as well as related regulatory requirements, both at the design stage as well as the development stage

  • Perform troubleshooting on/after discovery of application bugs as required, of the code developed by the offshore development team

  • Perform code review of the code written by junior developers and the offshore development team and provide guidance post-review

  • Ensuring that the code-base and platform application stack is modular to support micro-services implementations and also to support feature and functional flexibility in order to quickly support new business and process requirements

  • Understanding partner SDKs and API specifications in order to implement the required application integration between the KLDX IEO Platform and the partner’s platform

  • Build highly performant internal libraries (primarily node.js based) for use and re-use by the entire development team

  • Designing and developing code for the KLDX IEO Platform’s Back-end API layer to ensure that the Back-end API layer optimally supports the IEO Platform’s Front-end applications as well as the third-party applications, and partners

  • Designing and developing the Back-end API layer so that it can scale and allow partners to be able to optimally connect to the KLDX IEO Platform via a rich set and suite of pre-built APIs and webhooks

  • Staying updated and be in the forefront of new emerging technological trends and developments in the area of off-chain application development (front-end, back-end and data repositories)

  • Support DevOps deployments via the existing code repo and AWS services including Github, Docker build, ECR (Elastic Container Registry), ECS (Elastic Container Service), and EC2.

  • Support and assist the CTO in Sprint or Epic planning sessions




Bangsar, KL

Company Size:

30-60 Employees

Job Type:

Full Time


26 Aug 2023



  • Highly skilled in Node.js and React.js development

  • Experienced with server-side frameworks such as Nest.js

  • Experienced with server-side rendering tools such as Next.js

  • Experienced with front-end technologies and platforms such as JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, and CSS3/Tailwind CSS

  • Excellent knowledge of Web-Socket and REST based APIs and web services

  • Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms such as mobile vs desktop, and optimizing output to match the specific platform

  • Good understanding of code security principles

  • Must be proficient in writing SQL queries and optimising SQL queries.

  • Must have a good understanding of data structures and relational schemas

  • Good problem solving skills

  • High attention to detail

  • Good analytical thinking

  • Excellent communication

  • Ability to work well as part of a team

  • Ability to work within an agile, fast-paced, collaborative environment and able to handle multiple projects

  • Interested in learning new technologies, creative, open-minded and an excellent team player


  • At least 5 years of full-stack development experience

  • Experience in Agile Development

  • Experience in financial services (banking, insurance or capital markets) is a plus

  • Some experience with blockchain technologies is a plus

  • Some experience with web3 development is a plus


  • BSc. or MSc. in Computer Science, or equivalent

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