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iOS Engineer

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Planning and Development for the AI English Conversation App 「SpeakBUDDY」

Annual Income:7 million yen〜12 million yen

This is a Swift developer position for the iOS version of the AI English Conversation app 「SpeakBUDDY」. 「SpeakBUDDY」is an app that helps users study English by conversing with AI characters, and currently has over 2,500,000 downloads. 

【Job Description】

・Coming up with ideas for the app along with the whole development team, requirement definition, basic project specifications

・Development, testing, releases

・Operation, Bug Fixing

【What You Can Gain in This Position】

・You can be a part of creating an AI English Conversation app that has the potential to change the English Education field in Japan

・You will be in charge of client side development, which will allow you to collect and utilize feedback directly from our users

・Regardless of nationality, you will become part of an active part of a team with spectacular members who have diverse backgrounds and experiences

・You will have many chances to engage in discussions about the product to improve its quality

・You will have the opportunity to take on new challenges like using Swift UI or VIPER 

・The CEO has engineering experience, and strives to create an environment that is easy for engineers to work productively in

【About the Development Environment】

The Current Tech Stack / Project Specification Methods / etc. 

Language: Swift

IDE: Xcode

Architecture, etc.:SwiftUI, VIPER, R.swift


Jira, Confluence, Xcode Cloud, Slack, etc. 

【Selection Flow】

Casual Interview(Online)

Coding Test

Formal Interview 2 Times(Online)

Reference Check 

Final Interview(Offline)

Work System:

The work schedule is to arrive at the office between 8:00 and 11:00 and then work 9 hours.

*There is a one-hour break in between.

Trial Period: 3 months


Commuting Allowance

Health Insurance

Employee Pension Insurance

Unemployment Insurance

Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance


Speak Buddy


Tokyo, Japan or Remote

Company Size:

30-60 Employees

Job Type:

Full Time


26 Oct 2023


【Required Skills】

・At least 3 years of experience with iOS app development and operation using Swift, or an equivalent level of development skill 

・Business level English 

・Experience with planning and specification setting for new features of an app

・Experience implementing animations using UiKit or SwiftUI

・Experience developing as part of a team

【Good To Have Skills】

・Experience with development or operation of a Native app with a large user base

・Knowledge or experience on how to maximize the performance of an app

・Japanese Language Proficiency

・Experience as a Lead Engineer

【The Kind of Person We're Looking For】

・Someone who can accomplish their tasks independently 

・Someone who prioritizes the user's perspective when they're developing a product

・Someone who likes making beautiful UI and animations

・Someone who enjoys an environment full of change

・Someone humble, who can engage in constructive discussion with others

・Someone who enjoys and excels at communicating with others

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