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Senior Software Developer

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The ideal candidate will have full-stack experience in frontend and backend technologies and is able

to guide other team members to build solutions that will meet business needs. You will work with a

team of 4 - 5 people in SaaS product development, enterprise solutions, custom software

development and data analytics projects. We are looking for individuals who can independently lead

and run a software development project, at the same time working with partners and other

stakeholders in executing the technical requirements.

Roles & Responsibilities

• Work with other team members to lead, plan and execute software development

projects from a technical perspective.

• Provide input to solution architect to convert business requirements to technical


• Mentor and guide all team members in software development best practices.

• Implement the highest level of coding standards to deliver quality work.

• Implement and enforce TDD/BDD practices in the team.

• Run daily stand-ups and weekly sprint reviews with the team.

• Assist Chief Technology Officer to attend client or stakeholder meetings when it

comes to requirements gathering or project updates.

• Provide project updates to stakeholders on a weekly basis. Frequently touch-base

with project stakeholders and escalate any foreseeable issues to management to

prevent project roadblocks.

• Configure and perform DevOps to DEV, QAS and PRD environments on-premise or

on cloud platforms.

• Act as a gate keeper of code repository, ensuring all committed code are reviewed,

and adhere to industry’s development best practices and standards.

• Get the hands dirty and perform actual development work to support other team



Skribble Lab


The Place, Damansara Perdana

Company Size:

Job Type:

Full Time


6 Feb 2024



• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information

Technology or related fields.

• Experience as a Senior or Lead Full-Stack Developer for at least 5 years.

• Experience in leading a development team for at least 1 year is a plus.

• Have experience developing a complete application from scratch, deploy it to

production environment and maintaining the application post go-live.

• Compulsory experience in LEMP stack, and well-versed in each component.

• Minimum 3 years experience in PHP Laravel is required.

• Well versed with design patterns, object-oriented concepts, and SOLID principles.

• Experience in Next.js/React is a plus.

• Understands DevOps and deployment best practices and can execute them. Familiar

with Docker and Kubernetes.

• Familiar with TDD/BDD concepts and participated in a TDD/BDD based project.

• Excellent understanding of how SQL databases work on a low level, and can design

optimized code & databases to handle huge amount of data (> 1b entries)

• Experience in AWS or GCP is required. Especially in Kubernetes, databases, memory

stores, microservices and serverless architecture.

• Able to think positively and critically, using logical and analytical steps to problem


• Have great attention to detail.

• Comfortable talking to clients or stakeholders to understand business requirements.

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